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Meet Kiwan

Kiwan N. Fitch – Entrepreneur, Published Author/CoAuthor of 10 books, Speaker, Producer, Playwright, Coach, Mother and so much more.

Kiwan owns and operates multiple businesses. She is a gifted and highly skilled Visionary with over twenty years of experience in Non-Profits organizations, Social Services, Leadership, Business Markets, and Entrepreneurship.

She is the CEO of EmPOWERment Corp., LLC. a company she created to expand her work with women and families in transition.

To date, the EmPOWERment Corp LLC has produced 10 books, 6 live stage productions in South Carolina, 2 live productions in New Jersey, Co-produced 2 live productions in Louisiana, and has performed at several local events including the IMARA Woman Magazine Health Tour (2015, 2016, and 2017), The Ms. Born Natural Pageant (2016) and the Big DM’s 2015 and 2016 Women’s EmPOWERment event at the Convention Center.

INovember 2023 Kiwan’s first film project SHE Pours premiered. It’s the first of many film projects she will be launching. 

In 2018 Ms. Fitch launched the Journey Towards Purpose Program as a part of the J2P Global Institute LLC. With this platform she offers personal development courses in a live and online format. J2PGI also offers individual and group coaching in the area of Business, Nonprofit organizational leadership, and Business Incorporation. The institute is a curriculum-based program that Certifies Purpose Coaches. To date, Kiwan has certified over 50 Purpose Coaches in North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, and London. 

To date, J2P Global Institute LLC has become a premier company that primarily focuses on assisting individuals with skills, resources, and development needed to achieve their business and personal goals. Ms. Fitch and her team offer brand development, courses, conferences, and one on one coaching sessions. J2P is the “Go To” for Nonprofit Leadership specifically birthing new nonprofit organizations from concept to 501c3. 

As purpose would have it; in 2019 Kiwan joined the management team at Hannah House, a transitional housing facility for women and children, which is a part of Christ Central Ministries. She served as the Director of the Transitional Housing Program until August 2023. 

Embracing her new MBA credentials, Kiwan took her management skills to AHEPA Senior Living. There she serves as property manager for 2 apartment communities that serve nearly 100 senior citizens. 

Kiwan has founded and operates two nonprofit organizations: POWER N Connections and Gurls EmPOWERment Network. She also sits on the Advisory Board as Co-Chair for Real Sisters Rising, a for-profit organization that serves women entrepreneurs. She also sits on the board of directors of two other nonprofit organizations that serve women and families.  

Kiwan is the mother of 3 sons, 1 daughter in love, 2 grandsons, and 2 granddaughters.

Hailing from Jersey City, NJ Kiwan made Columbia, South Carolina their home in 2010.

Kiwan is a South Carolina Notary.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from New Jersey City University. She has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Walden University.

She is also pursuing a Community Chaplaincy Certification from Christ Central Ministries Institute.  

Over the years, Kiwan Fitch has written and collaborated with women on multiple book projects, dedicating them to family and friends to foster inclusion and participation in the healing process.

This book chronicles Kiwan’s personal journey of self-discovery and triumphs as she continues to evolve.

Just as Rome found it impossible to be built in a day, Coach K was a meticulous, algorithm-filled blueprint with custom specifications.

As a servant leader focused on empowering others, she rarely seeks honor for herself. However, the successful completion of this transformative manuscript warrants acknowledgment. From page to page, it documents her metamorphic personal transformation, evidenced further in human form. She is honored to share this unique perspective on her story.


She Pours